Irish Association of Barbershop Singers Choruses

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Chorus Area of operation Rehearsal day and time Web site
Athlone A CappellaIrelandWednesdays 
Beating TimeBrayThursday 7:45-10:15
BlingmastersIreland1st Sunday of month 11 am - 3
Champagne CorkIrelandWednesdays 7.45pm 
Harmony FederationIreland2nd Saturday of month  
Ireland UnlimitedIreland3rd Saturday of month 10.30-3.30
Munster MixIrelandMondays 7.30 pm 
NotabellesIrelandWednesdays 7.30 pm 
SerendipityIrelandWednesdays in Bray 
The ABCs Aloysius Barbershop ChorusIrelandWednesdays during school 
The PolyphonicsIrelandThursdays 7.15-9.15
The SeaSharpsIrelandWednesday 8pm 
Tone Cold SoberIrelandTuesdays 8-10 pm