Irish Association of Barbershop Singers Choruses

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Chorus Area of operation Rehearsal day and time Web site
4 Bars Later Tuesdays 8-10 pm 
Athlone A Cappella Wednesdays 
Beating Time Thursday 8-10 pm 
Blingmasters 1st Sunday of month 11 am - 3
Champagne Cork Wednesdays 7.45pm 
Harmony FederationDublin2nd Saturday of month  
Ireland Unlimited 3rd Saturday of month 10.30-3.30
Java Thursdays 7.30 
Munster Mix Mondays 7.30 pm 
Notabelles Wednesdays 7.30 pm 
Serendipity Wednesdays in Bray 
The ABCs Aloysius Barbershop Chorus Wednesdays during school 
The Polyphonics Thursdays 7.30
The SeaSharps Wednesday 8pm